Past Purchases

The Fundraising Committee have purchased, assisted in the purchase of and paid for many items to enhance, advance and improve the education and experience of the pupils at Hanslope School over the years, including, but not limited to the following, many of which the children at Hanslope School are still enjoying today:

  • 2 multicoloured picnic tables for the KS1 playground (£700)
  • painted marking on KS1 playground (approx. £1,000 contributed)
  • playground sports equipment, toys and storage for KS2 (approx. £1,400 donated)
  • school t-shirts for the choir to use at events (approx. £200)
  • coach travel for sports events attended by school teams
  • athletics and football kit (approx. £700)
  • gazebos for sports day shelter for the children (£400)
  • KS1 dressing up outfits (£200 donated)
  • chess sets for the chess club
  • sports day house colour bibs
  • bean bags for the library
  • gardening equipment for the children to use during outdoor learning
  • items for the Wildlife Wonderland